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Itís happening!!!
April 17 and 18 2021 at Paulus Hay Barn.

WAG is hosting a NACAC VT run opportunity in lieu of the Willamette Cup trial.
Runs: 2 tunnelers, 2 weavers, 2 touch n go each day.
WAG members $4 per run. Non-WAG $5 per run

(competitor is responsible for submitting video of qualifying runs to NADAC and paying the NADAC judging fee to NADAC)
Provided: videotaping of your runs using your device,a zoom link so you can watch your friends run Covid precautions: Crating in vehicles is required, walk throughs limited for 5 people at a time, no spectators, masks required at all times, hand sanitizer provided, bring your own refreshments and food. Watch for more details about signing up.
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